Our vision, missions and values

The Epsilon Star Trust’s overarching mission is to ensure that every pupil across its schools is taught to an outstanding level of achievement, by outstanding teachers, in an outstanding school. The newly formed trust will organise, improve and develop a cluster of local schools to deliver higher education standards across Essex. StarMAT will be responsible and accountable for every academy that joins the trust.

The ‘star’ in the MAT name links to the trust’s five core values which apply to the pupils and schools within the trust:

One Guiding Aim

  • Working together to achieve common objectives
  • The trust is only as strong as the weakest class, phase, school or cluster and will work together collectively to improve.

High aspirations

  • Delivering a world class education.
  • Ensuring every pupil is challenged and inspired by their learning.
  • Overcoming any barriers to academic success and ensuring equality in achievement.

Being unique

  • Identifying the unique attributes of each pupil and ensuring the curriculum reflects these.
  • Developing and delivering individualised programmes of learning.
  • Promoting and sharing cultural heritage and traditions.

A chance to shine

  • Celebrating the gifts, talents and achievements of every pupil.
  • Hosting and organising a wide range of high-quality sporting, academic and cultural events and festivals for pupils to participate in.

Navigating confidently

  • Providing activities that build character and independence.
  • Creating a school ethos around the importance of teamwork and leadership.
  • Improving the employability of our pupils.

Our high expectations are reflected in our aims:

  • Every child will attain to at least the expected or better standard in reading, writing and mathematics.
  • Every child will make at least expected or better progress in reading, writing and mathematics.
  • Every child to have an attendance higher than the national average
  • Every child will be taught by a teacher who is good or better
  • The outcomes of each academy to be in the top 10% nationally
  • To deliver rapid and significant change in under-performing academies

The vision is that the MAT will be formed around clusters of 5 (or 6 schools) working within the overarching aims and using the strategies of StarMAT but improving each other locally. StarMAT seeks to sponsor weaker primary, junior and infant schools and offer a comprehensive, structured and franchised model of school improvement.

The trust is determined to ensure that schools with poor reputations, weak leadership and governance and poor outcomes join an organisation which offers local and complete support for every school function. The trust seeks to cut administration costs of individual schools in order to delegate more funds to improve pupil outcomes.